• 101Johnny Mackintosh: Battle for Earth , Keith Mansfield (2011)
    People in London are being taken away in unmarked police vans, never to be seen again... While trying to keep up with his school studies and ensuring his football team stays top of the league, it's… 621 руб

  • 102Mockingjay Classic , Suzanne Collins (2011)
    This is the final book in the ground-breaking "Hunger Games" trilogy. Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive… 764 руб

  • 103Catching Fire Classic , Suzanne Collins (2011)
    This is the second book in the ground-breaking "Hunger Games" trilogy. After winning the brutal Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta return to their district, hoping for a peaceful future. But their… 764 руб

  • 104The Mayor of Casterbridge , Hardy Thomas (2009)
    The graded readers series of original fiction, adapted fiction and factbooks especially written for teenagers. An adaptation of the classic story of Michael Henchard who rises above his poor and… 505 руб

  • 105Dolores Claiborne , King Stephen (2011)
    Dolores Claiborne has a story to tell. But not quite what the police had expected. Dolores Claiborne has a confession to make... She will take her time. Won't be hurried. Will do it her way, sparing… 621 руб

  • 106The Warning Bell , Macaulay Tom (2010)
    George Madoc had commanded an RAF Air-Sea Rescue boat ferrying secret agents between the south coast and occupied France. One night in April 1944 an operation to bring back a French agent went… 675 руб

  • 107Must You Go? , Fraser Antonia (2011)
    The subtitle of this wonderful memoir declares its contents: this is'my life with Harold Pinter', not Lady Antonia Fraser's complete life, and certainly not his. It is a love story, and as with many… 1217 руб

  • 108Lovers and Liars , Bell Nina (2010)
    Sophie and Jess Raven grow up knowing that a few little lies are necessary. You look great. It was only a joke. He's just stressed. It doesn't matter. Everything's fine. Everybody does it, don't… 1062 руб

  • 109The Postmistress , Blake Sarah (2011)
    The New York Times bestseller - A beautifully written, thought-provoking novel. # 1 New York Times bestselling author Kathryn Stockett. In 1940, Iris James is the postmistress in coastal Franklin… 1150 руб

  • 110Desert Claw , Lewis Damien (2005)
    Present day Iraq: A country torn apart by war and anarchy. Thieves roam the streets. People are being killed in broad daylight. Security is non-existent. And now, terrorists have seized a Van Gogh… 266 руб